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Hey guys,

My '75 CB360 had been running on one cylinder since I got it back together.  I recently went through, readjusted the float's in the carbs and set them up to spec, and replaced the coils with a set of XS650 ones.  Now it's back to running on both cylinders, however I can't get it to idle lower than about 3000RPM.

The throttle cable is adjusted properly and the idle adjust screw is all the way off.  One of my boots is looking a little worse for wear, but I've sprayed carb cleaner on them to check for vacuum leaks and found no change in engine speed.

I've also found that by pulling the plugs while the engine's running (checking to make sure it's running on both sides), the RPM's drop a lot more with the right one pulled than pulling the left one.  I'm not 100% sure what this means.

Any help/ideas is appreciated!
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