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CB350 K4 Forks- Lower Chrome Shroud Removal

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Hi All-
I am in the process of replacing the steering head bearings of my ‘72 CB350 K4. It seems a good time to also replace the fork seals since they are original. I have the forks removed, but am wondering how the lower chrome shroud which is attached to the lower tube is removed. It this point, I assume it pops off and out of position? Doesn’t seem to be a spot to do this and don’t want to damage the parts.

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Agree with what Jim wrote, but not the essence of the topic.....
IIRC, NONE of the CL's have those chrome sleeves on the sliders....Those were CB bits.... And the CB 350 K4 had them.......
I knew that because a similar "mistaken cross-reference" has happened to me many times...
You picture the assembly in your head, but that one detail of the question has become lost by you having worked on something so similar, but different....
Getting old sux, but considering the alternative........I'll accept it.......
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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