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CB350 clutch plate spinning when tightening

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Hi everyone,

I'm working on a 1971 CB350, and I ran into a new issue with the clutch assembly. Before going for a ride, and when kicking the start lever I noticed no bite, and so I drained the oil so I could then remove the side cover to inspect things. After removing all of the clutch plates from the clutch basket this is what I discovered.. If I'm using a socket wrench to tighten down the 4 clutch springs, the outside clutch plate will just freely spin clockwise along with each turn of the socket and not actually stay in place for me to fasten the 4 clutch springs. It seems as if the kick lever has no engagement to the gears on the clutch basket that connect to the gears behind the centrifugal oil filter. I can't actually tighten the 4 clutch springs unless I physically hold the clutch plate and try to keep it still while turning the wrench.

The bike will electric start just fine and run with no issues, and there are no associated noises or indications of anything breaking anywhere internally. Also, when I drained the oil prior to opening the side covers I didn't notice any fragments. So far, I've tried 2 things to fix this so far, and neither worked. I wiped all of the clutch plates clean and reinstalled, as well as swapped all clutch plates with another set from a donor bike. Neither of these fixed the issue.

Could this be slippage as result of using the wrong oil? I know the manual's recommended oil is 10w40, but I've read of some people here loving Rotella 15w40, and decided to try it for the first time. I've rebuilt this motor several times and never ran into this issue before. What makes me think that this could be slippage as result of the wrong oil is that I'm using a part synthetic oil during the first time this has ever happened. Before this oil change, I've always used conventional STP 10w40. Any ideas on what could be causing this, whether it's oil or anything else? I attached a video for reference. Thanks in advance.

CB350 clutch plate spinning on rotation
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Loosen up the clutch adjustment, on the left side of the motor.

Thank you very much for the fast responses guys. With my experience in this engine, I just knew it had to be something simple I was missing. Mike in Idaho, it was the clutch cable tensioner on the left side of the engine that needed to be relieved prior to fastening the clutch springs. I can assume that the issue of not being able to engage the kick starter earlier was a result of my clutch tensioner being a bit too tight. Thanks.
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