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I have been working on a 1972 CB350 for a friend of mine, off and on for the past year. When we got it, it ran, but not well. It was still all stock, but the guy who had it before said be had brought it to a shop and they had "tuned it up". I'm not sure what they did. This is the 3rd old Honda I have worked on so I have gone though some trials and tribulations before this one, but this one is giving me the most trouble.

Things I have done:
Disassemble, clean, and rebuild carbs.
Replaced carb boots.
Replaced regulator and rectifier with the combo unit from CMC
Replaced battery
Set the static timing
Synced the throttle cables

The bike starts right up, and actually idles pretty well, however I have had some weird issues before where it would be idling nicely, then all of a sudden the rpms would shoot up super high to the point where I had to turn the bike off. I would then restart the bike, and sometimes it would instantly shoot up again really high. I figured there was an air leak, and that's when I ordered new boots. I think that fixed the issue, but I do still have time where the rpms hang and come down slowly after reving at idle.

Lately, the bike has been starting right up, and I have been screwing around with a few other things. But tonight I finally tried to take it out for a ride. The issue is that as soon as I start to apply throttle once I put it into gear, it would bog down. Prior to riding it, I would rev it while it was parked, and I could get it to rev high with no issues. While riding, I was able to shift into second and third gear, but it would still bog down in each gear and I could never go much over maybe 15 or 20 mph. When I came to a stop jt would still idle ok, and it never died on me.

I have been reading through a ton of past posts, and I know there are a lot of things to check , but if anyone has seen symptoms very similar to this and found a solution, please let me know.
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