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I have four CB250/350s and for about 8 years I have been trying to collect NOS pipes for them. I now have NOS 4 RH's and one NOS left hand and also a pair un-chromed ones that were specially made for me by Britura in the UK. Dave Silver has one NOS 'special order' LH one (so it's probably from CMS anyway) at a cool £800 inc. VAT. He does do pattern ones but I think they look naff as the seams are way too big compared with the originals.

Anyway, today I bought two damaged LH NOS Genuine ones but they are are the welded together silencer/down-pipe type (mega rare 1968 only). One has a perfect down-pipe but slightly dented silencer. The other has a perfect silencer but badly surface rusted down-pipe. Been 'experimenting' tonight with a scrap one-piece exhaust with a view to removing the rusted down-pipe from to silencer section of one of my NOS ones, so that I can re-chrome the down-pipe and use a clamp to join the two together (this is how it was done on the post early '69 onwards bikes).

Anyone done anything like this on Honda pipes?


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