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Hi Twin-Community.

First of all i have to tell you that i live in Germany ... and that is why i am asking right here.
I am building a small CafeRacer CB200 right now. Unfortunately some parts used on the european version are
not usable to create the look i am thinking of.
I am looking for the CB200T side panel emblems - which i think have only been used on the US version, tell me if i´m wrong.

On ebay they only show up as single pieces, and buying two seperately would cost a fortune on shipping, and no chinese copyshop
has come across the idea to make them on a 3D printer yet...

Maybe one of you has TWO of them and is willing to sell them to me - and maybe also a rear fender and a kickstand :)

Fast paypal transaction guaranteed.

Have a nice day - and ride save

EDIT : Been lucky on this morning - thank you anyway.
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