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Cb200t only idles on one cylinder

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I have put a lot of time and work into this bike it's come to it's final stages. I have the stock air filters and emgo shorties for the exhaust. But as of right now it only idles on the left side. Right when I get on the throttle it hesitates then the right side kicks in. I have 125 compression for both sides and am getting good spark. So that leaves me with fuel. I've soaked the carbs put in new slow jets and sprayed every hole with carb cleaner and compressed air. Would it be possible to swap the rubber intake manifold and the carb to the oppisite side just verify something is messed up or clogged inside the carb? I'm looking for any ideas before I tear into the carbs again. Any help is appriciated ! Thanks
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You should be able to swap carbs if you disconnect the choke linkage and operate them individually....Just for the test of course.....

HOWEVER, I would try adding fuel to the right side (spray ether) and see if it tries to run first....
Are the carbs synchronised by throttle pull and mix screw settings at least?
I'll try spray some fuel into the carb. But I don't have a vacuum gauge so I have just been eyeing the side heights to see if they are close. Is there anyway to do this more accurately?
I tried spraying both the carbs with fuel and the bike just wanted to stall. So my next step is to switch them and see what happens
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