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I’ve searched around for a CB200T specific front brake switch restoration and haven’t found a post with good images. I’m remaking the electrical loom from scratch for the learning kicks. Highly recommend. It’s difficult to describe the sense of immense satisfaction when the wiring diagram reflects reality. (I only wish life were laid out so clearly. But then that’s boring.)

I’ve opened up the switches and had to re-solder the start button on the right handle bar controls (as well as clean out all the dried up spider egg sacs). My question is where do these copper tabs connect to for the front brake switch? See photo. There were no obvious places the tabs connect to when I was inside the switch assembly. Preferably, I’d rather not buy an add on switch

It’s straightforward where the wires connect to into the tail light’s brown and green/yellow.

There’s a hole in the bottom half cover that looks suspect but otherwise I’m stumped!





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