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Hi, I just want to introduce myself before I start reaping the benefits of the assembled knowledge from other members of this forum. Besides a recent, and recently defunct, foray with a 2001Ninja 500 the only bikes I have really ridden have been 1975 Honda Twins. My first bike was a 75 CB200T with 2000 miles on it which I got for $200. I cleaned the tank, cleaned the carbs, put a new battery in it, and rode it for a year or so before I sold it to my buddy. I got it back last year when I traded him my kayak for it. I love that bike! It’s got about 3500 miles on it now. It’s been off the road for a while but I’m looking to get it all sorted out over the winter.
My other bike is a 75 CB500T. I love this bike too and it was another survivor when I got it. Another friend of mine bought it and then decided it would be better off in my hands and gifted it to me. When I got it I believe that it had about 6,000 miles on it. When I peeled off the most recent inspection sticker the last time it had been registered was 1978. I tuned it up and took it from New York to Florida and back. A couple years ago I took up North to James Bay and even did some miles on the Trans-taiga road, the most isolated stretch of road in North America.
I’ve decided to quit my job next year and get on a bike and go riding. It’s something that I’ve been planning on doing for a while, and with the destruction of the Ninja, something that I am leaning more and more each day towards doing on the CB500T. With that being said, I’ll also be working on getting the 500 in tip-top condition for the aforementioned run. Its got about 13000 miles on it and will probably run it till it grenades or rebuild it before such along the way. The idea is to go around the world.

I started a website, and while it is still a work in progress, you can read about the Ninja, attempts to restore the twins to their former glory, and check out the trips to the James Bay and Florida here:
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