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I have just replaced the original regulator and rectifier units from my 74 CB200 with a Sparckmoto 12V Single Phase Regulator/Rectifier. Here is how I installed this. I may have done it totally wrong - I'm not sure. If anyone has any feedback or thoughts on this install that would be great.

The red, yellow, green and pink wires on the new unit all were the exact same color as the four wires in the original bike's harness which led to my old rectifier. I rigged up the wiring new harness to connect all of these four wires to their matching color. This leaves just the black wire on the Regulator/Rectifier to go. I connected this black wire to the black wire which used to lead to the old regulator. This takes care of everything but does however leave a yellow and green wire unused which used to lead to the old regulator. The two attached pictures show exactly what I am explaining.

Have I done this completely wrong or does this look legit?


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