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I'm working on putting a CL200 engine back together after the left cam bearing seized. I've read bits and pieces on various posts on modifying the oil flow to help prevent the cam bearing problem in the future. What I've not been able to find after combing through the various posts is an exact procedure for this mod. This is what (I think) the modification involves:
1. Drill into the oil gallery in the upper engine case, I've seen the size of the hole listed as 1 mm and 1.5 mm, which is right?
2. Drill into the cylinder head on the left side to allow oil coming up the left rear stud to be fed a CB175 left cam bearing. Should this be a 1mm or a 1.5 mm hole?
3. Replace the left bearing cap/points base with one from a CB/Cl/SL175 to allow oil to flow into the bearing from the oil way created in step 2.
Does this sound right? Thanks for the sanity check.
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