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From another forum - too bad I don't need these:
(I'm not Greg B and have no connection but thought someone might want these)

I hope this is OK. I sold my '74 CB200. But I have quite a few new parts that I have no use for. All genuine Honda.
2__51611223-000; fork gaiters
2__16955-028-004; gaskets(can't remember where it goes)
3__45134-250-000; brake dust seals (drum brakes)
3__90549-121-000; 14mm washers for drum brake cam
1__91251-230-003; oil seal
2__16010-304-305; carb gasket sets (but missing one fiber washer)
2__18291-MN5-650; exhaust gaskets
2__91255-464-003; fork seals
2--18291-MN4-920; exhaust gaskets (are Honda, but not sure if they are for a CB or not)

Anyway, I'd like to get $75.00 + shipping for all of it. I can e-mail photos if anyone wants.
Again, I hope it is OK to post some stuff for sale.
You can e-mail direct if you want: adnoctum(at)sbcglobal(dot)net
Thanks, Greg B.
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