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Afternoon everyone I'm 20 years old and just bought my first motorcycle. I don't have any experience riding but I figured what the heck can't be too hard. Im mechanically solid so fixing up an old bike like this should be fun. Here we have a 1966 Honda CB160 with a title! I plan on selling the tool kit holder (which has some of the original tools from 1966), the OEM air filter cover. Anyone interested message me!

Also the first thing i plan on doing is replacing the rear shocks. I've seen people use rubber hose for the upper mount bushing, and some sort of aluminum/stainless steel solid bushing for the bottom mounting point which increasing the bolt size from a 8mm to a 10mm. First anyone want to lead me towards the right direction when buying quality rear shocks, are these ebay brands such as; (all around $100) quality? I've seen air shocks w some side dampener or just straight up shocks w springs. I'd prefer to just get plain silver shocks to keep the bike looking basic and minimal but I'd like to hear some feedback.

Not sure why pictures some are sideways? Any help?







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