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here a post of mine from the site about CB/CL350 gearing

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17 will fit just fine, I'm running 17/34 on a 70 CL350 (34T off of a 74 CL360) pretty nice on the highway

Cool. I'm planning an long distance ride for next year and that's a good tip! So the 34T for the CL360 just bolts right on? Any idea how many links you're running on the chain?

after pulling the big cir-clip the cush studs will slip right into the 350 hub no need to un-bolt the sprocket, think I took off one chain link (block and link), here's some numbers and a gearing calculator if you want to run the numbers
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[email protected]
88.[email protected]
[email protected]

Primary Reduction: Gear, 3.714:1, 21 into 78 TEETH

Final Drive Engine Sprocket, Rear Wheel Sprkt
Standard ,original gear was
2.00 :1 ratio
16T on Engine x 38T on Rear Wheel. 25" for rear wheel with 3.50 rear tire

Std. Gear Ratios: (1) 2.353, (2) 1.636, (3) 1.269, (4) 1.036, (5) 0.900
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