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Ok guys I'm back with the days finds Ebay, Craig's list and elsewhere :D

So, for starters :) CB450 KO engine for parts, engine number CB450E-1502415. ... _500wt_956

NOS muffler for a K1-2, check out site worth a look for K0-1-2 stuff. ... 3a56d79a9a

Listed as a 72 CL450, but definitely K0 ... 2485wt_941

Cam cover ... 915wt_1167

NOS lower crankcase, If you really need a NOS one :roll: i have one thats a lot cheaper! or there is another one listed at $650 :shock: ... 061wt_1167

Steering dampener knob! the last one of these went for more than his starting price!! ... 500wt_1182

Oil pump body, a wear item and worth replacing, but at $99?? I've never seen a K0 one for sale, so what's it worth! ... 4838b2197f

And why not a new oil pump rod, well they are a wear item!! ... _800wt_941

Swing arm bushes, cheep for $20 ... 1148wt_941

And just some Police stuff
Switch unit ... 1442wt_941

Rod from OZ :cool:
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