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CB 360 project

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Hi everyone, this is my first post on this list. I'd been searching for a month on the internerd, looking for a help crew for my newly aquired CB 360. Thanks to PJ who directed me here from the XS650 Garage.
I guess I'll start by putting up a pic of my new resto project.


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Welcome aboard, Leethal!

Looks like a nice project, nice bike. Looks like it has a few things from other bikes added on - bars, seat.

What're your plans?

Good luck, and keep us updated.

I love that exhaust! Do you know what kind it is?
That's a stock CB360 exhaust and seat, the passenger strap has been removed
Really? My 75 360 did not have that kind of exhaust, I would of kept it.
hmmm..... could be. It just looked too long, and too thick in the back.

Still, nice project.

My first street bike, back in 1982 was a '75 CB360T, bought brand new by my older brother.

By the way, that upswept exhaust WAS stock on the CB360's, but there was a CJ360, which was a 'stripper' version of the CB that came with a drum front brake instead of the disk, and a 2-into-1 exhaust instead of the upswept CB's.
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SSCR said:
Really? My 75 360 did not have that kind of exhaust, I would of kept it.
That's odd - looks like the standard 360 mufflers - the CJ's had a different, non-upswept muffler.
Incidentally, "leethal", you'll probably want the manual??
Your right PJ, that is stock 360 exhaust, just looked alot nicer than the rusty ones I had. :mrgreen:
Thanks to all who have replied. Yeah...she's got a few parts that dont belong, but money permitting, I'll get there eventually. The mufflers were the selling point for me ( I'm sick of buying new exhaust systems for my bikes). I had been looking for a project at a swap meet, saw this one for $650. I got him down to $400. Thanks also for the link to the manual!

I have just one question for now: How can I identify the year? The engine # is CB360E-1039***

I saw another post asking the same question a moment ago, sorry to double up.


Oh yeah, I've been quite busy stripping her down for powdercoating. Heres what she looks like today! Scary hey?


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assuming it came with the disc brake, honda would cal it a 1974 K0.
Bill, I was under the impression that the Drum brake CB 360 was the K0, and the disc brake CB 360 was the G model..... Both would be 1974 year models.....Feel free to correct me. Steve
Steve -

I have conflicting info regarding that, which I've never been able to resolve.
The info I have suggests that both were offered in 74 as the K0, but also as the G model.
Sort of like the way I've never been able to resolve stuff on the very early 350's - I've never been able to find a fiche on the 350K0.

I do know that the G models should have "G" in the serial number (Frame number), though.......

So, I could well be wrong about this one, thanks for catching it.
Bill, It wasn't a matter of "catching" you, I don't know for sure either, and thought you may have a definative answer.... I guess we both are stumped on this one..... :roll: Steve
Nah - I wasn't being defensive - I appreciate it when someone corrects me, really.
correct info is more important than being right, at least to me.

I guess we'll have to wait till the guy tells us the frame number - the engine number dooesn't really tell us anything...... guess I didn't recognize that was the engine number.
Cheers fellas. The frame # is CB360-10438**

I had to rub back the number with some sandpaper to reveal all the digits.

Considering we have no absolutes on this, I say it is a 1974 CB360 KO, probably manufactured later in the year (-104XXXX is a pretty high serial) ... Since there is NO "G" in the frame serial it technically can't be a G model..... The KO's came in Hawaiian Blue or Candy Orange...THE "G's" came in Hex Green or Candy Orange
So, The serial and color (assuming original side-cover) both say it's a K0....

Bill, I stand corrected!....
For the record, the sidecovers are Ebay, and the bike does in fact celebrate the disc front wheel. Also the underside of the tank that is now painted in "shitty aerosol green" shows wear marks of blue, and below
Perhaps a phantom tank?
66Sprint said:
Bill, I stand corrected!....
Steve -

I barely stand at all anymore !! :shock: :eek: :?

Honda really made a mess of it with these 360's - hard to tell what's what, or when's when.
OK...We agree it is a 1974 CB 360 K0 and that's that......There are so few differences between the G model and a K0 that has the disc front end as to be inconsequential... The bike IS whatever the TITLE having that serial number says it is!....

EDIT: Oops! Lee is down under...scratch title and insert ownership.....That might also explain why his bike doesn't exactly fit the US serial number annotation.....
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