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Hi, I'm a new member but I've been scouring your forum for weeks and haven't been able to find any solid answers.

I recently picked up a CD175. Overall I would say the bikes in pretty good shape somehow it has almost no paint but the chrome still is shiny and there is no rust. Gas tank was awful but literally no rust just a full tank of sludge and a gas cap that had to be removed with a pipe wrench.

Where I have gotten unlucky is the carburetor unlike the CB's that seem to have a ton of options for their dual carbs I have not been able to track down a replacement for my single carb.

Unfortunately it looks like a previous owner had at the carb All the screws are stripped and it generally looks terrible.

I know the part number is 16100-302-014 for the original carb but I haven't been able to find one for sale and I haven't been able to find a rebuild kit for it.

As far as I can tell from other posts on this forum the rebuild kit for the twin carbs won't work on this one.

If anyone knows a rebuild kit for this carburetor I would appreciate it but it honestly might be less work to simply replace the carb.

if anyone can confirm a part number for a carb that is a direct swap I would also appreciate that.

I also couldn't find a rebuild kit for the petcock valve so if anybody has a lead on that I would also appreciate it.
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