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Hey guys,

New to all this. I bought my first bike two years ago - a 1985 Nighthawk CB450SC. Originally I didn't have any intentions of doing anything to it that I didn't need to, but also have zero interest in rebuilding it and keeping it vintage or all OEM. I couldn't care less about preserving the sweet bike that it is. If I could, I'd just buy a brand new motorcycle, but that's not what this is about. I guess I'm just trying to get the message across that I'm less interested in rebuilding carbs and hunting down vintage parts, and more interested in just buying newer parts and upgrading it.

Anyway, I was interested in finding out if any of you have any experience in just swapping out carbs and what models might work. I was looking at these:

There's a kit with what looks like everything I might need here:

I wasn't sure about the fitment though. I found out on a post about carb sizes on here that the '85 cb450sc uses 30mm venturi carbs, Keihin VB22EA. The Mikuni ones seem correct, 30mm VM carbs. However, once it gets to spigot size, Inlet and Outlet Outside Diameter, I'm not really sure what to measure or look for. I measured what I think is the spigot (the end that goes into that little boot that goes into the engine) on the Keihins I have laying around and got 1" 5/8, which comes to 41.25mm. I'm also not sure if these Mikuni carbs are the best bet, or if there are direct replacements out there by Keihin.

But yeah, just looking for general advice. I feel like 1985 Nighthawk 450 is a weird model or something because there doesn't seem to be much info out there and all the universal parts I find for Honda bikes are usually marketed at bikes from the 70s so :confused::confused::confused:
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