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I have really good compression in the bike (1971 CL350), 160 and 170..
I have not done the high RPM test yet where you run it hard and hit the kill switch to check the plugs, but.. Everytime i pull the plugs for some reason or another they are fairly black. But not to the point that they get too fouled to run smoothly.

Any way, from what Ive read 26mm is the correct float heigth for this bike. I was wondering if lowering it to, say, 24mm may help the rich mixture.

Also.. What does a correct running bike's plugs look like. Is it best they are slightly black or is white (lean) better.. Sorry if that sounds like a silly question in advance.

Ill add that it is timed out really well.. had it idling at around 200 yesterday! Before I set the idle screws to a bit higher RPM of course.

And lastly, a buddy of mine helped me set the air/fuel mixture screw.. He did it by ear (not quite at that point yet). Does anyone know off-hand what the correct setting is?
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