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Can’t set ignition timing correctly

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I’m having trouble setting the timing correctly. I’ll set the left cylinder perfectly, lock it down, then check it again. Still dead on. I set the right with the same process. Get it perfect, lock it, and check it. When I get the right cylinder timed perfectly, the left cylinder timing changes.

I have a CMC electronic ignition.

I’ve adjusted the cam tensioner. I’ve tried cleaning, lubricating, and tightening the springs on the mechanical advance.

What else could cause my issue?
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Year, and model would be nice..
actually it would help u out a lot...
... I'll let Ancientdad handle the intro stuff .. and points stuff..
"The man is a genious" ...
Are you speaking of the "shockwave" system?.. several members here have done the beta-testing. Still awaiting some "reviews"...
Rusty.... if I were u.. I'd make that call..
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