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Can’t set ignition timing correctly

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I’m having trouble setting the timing correctly. I’ll set the left cylinder perfectly, lock it down, then check it again. Still dead on. I set the right with the same process. Get it perfect, lock it, and check it. When I get the right cylinder timed perfectly, the left cylinder timing changes.

I have a CMC electronic ignition.

I’ve adjusted the cam tensioner. I’ve tried cleaning, lubricating, and tightening the springs on the mechanical advance.

What else could cause my issue?
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Year, and model would be nice..
actually it would help u out a lot...
... I'll let Ancientdad handle the intro stuff .. and points stuff..
"The man is a genious" ...
I don't understand....IF you have set the left pickup and set the plate position and locked the plate down, how can the left timing change?

I have the CMC data and assembly sheets....Phone me ************
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Are you speaking of the "shockwave" system?.. several members here have done the beta-testing. Still awaiting some "reviews"...
It’s a 74 CB360 and it is the shockwave EI. I’ve tried setting it dozens of times. It was doing the same thing with the points. I’m really stumped how it’s doing this but it is.
Phone me..... I'll NEED to know if you have a ND or a TEC advance unit (312 or 369 stamped into baseplate) and ND or TEC points plate (just as reference, I know we are doing the shockwave system)
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Rusty.... if I were u.. I'd make that call..
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