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My 76 Cb200 has quite a bit of slack on the cam chain after getting it back from the shop. I hear a bit of whipping when I downshift coming to a stop and would like to fix this. I tried resetting the tension on it but ran into an issue.

First of all, I set it to ~90 degrees past TDC on the compression stroke, as to have all four rocker arms wiggle. I could only get three to wiggle and that was near the 90 degree mark. This is all on a warm engine btw. Correct so far I hope? Anyway, when I loosened the tensioner bolt, I heard or felt nothing. Could the spring possibly be stuck inside the case and is it safe to remove the tensioner bolt completely and try to give the spring a little play using a small flathead screw driver? Does the engine need to be at TDC or 90 degrees past TDC when I do this? I tried finding internal views of the engine and the tensioner setup but didnt have much luck so I dont want anything to come loose on me inside the case.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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