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Hello all!

I've picked up another project though this one will not be my usual full nut and bolt restoration project. I've found a reasonably decent 1962 CA72 which I intend to get in decent shape and use as a runabout. The bones are good. The engine has good clean oil in to and kicks over with good compression. The plan is to tear it down, find any issues, and put the bike right. Most issues I've found so far are around the bike never having had any work done on it - original tyres, original sprocket that was barely functional, etc! Bolts and screws were largely untouched by tools, which is great but presents a challenge when they don't want to move. I have come across one issue that I'm hoping someone can help with.

It looks like the bike was stored for a long time and is rusty in one place. It happens that place is where the battery tray was and it has rotted off. I could buy another frame and do a cut up job, but they tend to be in a poor condition. I would like to fabricate battery tray. I have a sheet of 1mm steel which I think is a little thicker than original gauge.

I've seen enough pictures, and at different angles, that I see what I need to do. However, I don't know the dimensions (height, width, depth, etc). The tabs that attached to the frame are still partially there so I know "where" it goes. Part of the problem is the side panel that covers the battery is missing so I don't have any terms of reference - I suppose I could have worked out much of it from the panel if I had it.

I'm sure I won't be the last person to have this issue, and I've seen battery trays in terrible condition while looking for images. I want to produce a template so others can fabricate their own battery tray. It would be simple enough to get the design right then make available as a .pdf that can be printed and used as stencils.

Any help would be very much appreciated. I'll put up some pics soon!
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