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Hello All - I am new here, new to the CA160, but not new to motorcycles.
The bike is somewhat difficult to start when cold, half choking it helps a little. Still have to kick it a bunch, and catch it just right with the throttle. Runs pretty darn rough when warmed up, cannot set idle (idles high and rough, then winds down and conks out). Right cylinder fires less often than left.
Bike will move out, but bogs when throttle is fully applied. Seems to kind of run sort of ok on both cylinders at low to mid throttle.
Plugs covered in Black Soot upon operating for but a couple of minutes.
There is no smoke of any kind visible coming from the pipes upon the bike being warmed up, little if any while cold.
I am told that the bike had been gone through by an experienced mechanic, then sat (supposedly) unused for a couple of years.

I THINK I am having a carburetion issue here, as I have checked out and/or replaced all ignition components - new coil, tested condenser, points good, timing spot on, new plugs.
I have also cleaned the carb not once but twice, and all jets appear to be open and clear. Have NOT run any fine wire/guitar string or such thru carb passages though.
Checked valve adjustment, AOK.
I am at 7,000' elevation, and have dropped the needle one notch with no change in situation (there are five notches on this carb's needle, clip was in middle notch).
I have NOT done a compression test, as I do not have an adapter for my compression gauge that fits the smaller spark plug holes.
The Bike has just under 4,000 miles on the clock, but the speedo cable was disconnected when I got the bike, so who knows. Speedo/odometer work fine upon screwing cable back in to gauge.

So I am wondering, what the heck is going on here? About has me pulling out what hair I have.
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