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I am looking for a place that I can get the original colors of paint for my cl. I am looking specifically for stato blue mettalic. I have found some sites that sell the colors but I cannot find that color.

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Hey there,
My question is to those who have had exp with the vintagehondapaint Kits. How hard was it to do? because I have honestly never tackled anything like that before. Also One of my other uncles paints cars, but between the three of them they Like the Candy Topaz Much better than the Candy Sapphire. It would be great to have him just paint it up with the kit, But I don;t want to piss them off because they have been helping me out with How stuff works, and do's and don'ts, whenever I am over there in relation to the bike. Also they are the ones I will be riding with.

Putting it plain and simple I'm not an orange kind of guy

And the Blue is very attractive on a CB360 IMO atleast.

The thing has to be painted and since I'm buying the whole kit anyway Might as well make myself happy right? Because in their minds I am messing with the Classicness of the bike IDK how seeings that The Candy Sapphire Blue is also a stock color from the year.

This decision is Partially based on the fact that I drive a 95 Buick Regal and it is old **** green you know what im talking about this color ... _regal.jpg

In my mind that can only be called old blank green...I drive it Proud but Would really like to Express myself fully with my first bike. Now I cannot afford to paint my needs a lot of body work as well...But I can afford this kit, new emblems, and new decals.

So to get back to the Question...Is this kit easy to use even for someone whose only exp is painting a house with a roller and some brushes? or should I just get my one uncle to see my side of things(meaning throw em a 30 pack and say Yo Paint dis ****) and let him work his magic with years of exp under his belt.

So I guess it would come down to a matter of opinion and I am open for any of yours.
Ty in advance

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Okay, heres my two penny's worth.

You sound like cash is something you work hard for and this is your pet project. I think that most people can eventually do a bang up job doing it on their own and I encourage them to do that. However, you have some circumstance that makes me steer you the opposite way.

1. If you boo-boo, yer out the coin and have a mess.
2. You have a relative who has been doing this stuff daily, who can be had for a case of beer.
3. You have a relative who has all the equipment required.
4. Painting something involves a ton of prep work, detail and cleanliness. Enviroment (humidity and temperature) comes into play.
5. Did I mention a case of beer gets 'er done?
6. Crawl up your relatives rear while he's doing your bike. Learn from his doing it.
7. Help him do it, Heck, have him show ya how to do it, and you do it with his guidance. Experience is the best teacher.

Thats my two penny's worth. I'd pick number 7 if I were you!

(Stick to your guns regarding color choice, its your bike, not someone elses!)


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Henry is right - if you can get someone experienced to do your paint, then take the opportunity.
If you try to learn on this bike, be ready to fail 3 or 4 times in the attempt.
Painting is half art, half technique - even the best mechanic has no advantage at all when learning modern HVLP painting...........
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