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I have accumulated some miscellaneous CB175 and CL200 parts over time with a few projects and I'm looking to offload some. A lot of it is takeoff parts from my CB175 build but I also have a parts CL200 engine that I can pull pieces from as desired. Just cleaning out the garage...

I'm located in NC and all parts are cost listed + shipping.

CL200 Forks $20

CL200 Airbox $10

CL200 Complete Toolbox with Tools $30

CB175 Valvetrain $20

CL200 Footpeg Bar $5

CB175 Kickstart Shaft $10

CB175 Chain Guards $10 ea

CB175 Tappets and Pins $20

CB175 Horn $5

CL200 Cylider Head and Valves $30

CL200 Engine Side Covers $25 both

hey, do you have the tach side cam cover left?
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