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Broken Seat Lock Mechanism

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Turned the key to lift the seat and nothing happened.

Was able to remove the hinge pins, tilt the seat, and get enough room to remove the part of the lock that attaches to the seat.

Got the lock off and many pieces came out of it! It failed at the end of the lock cylinder that moves the latch that hooks the seat pin. Hard to explain.....hope someone know what I'm talking about! :D

Oh yeah..'72 350 K4

Looks like a NOS one can be had for $50. Also watching Ebay and have a few feelers out to some local boneyards.

Has anyone solved a broken seat lock another way? You know, the Mcgyver way? :lol:
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Is there a way to fit a locking latch to the pre-'72 CB350s? That stupid latch is a royal pain in the ass.
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