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Hello , new here, but thought I 'd share my dual project. Picked up 2 sisters 74Cb450 and 75CB500T for $800 total, and decided to bring both back to life. The 450 would be mostly stock and and 500 more a cafe racer/bobber. (and after Restoration, i'd go take my driving license )
I stripped the 450 down, to assess all parts needed and order a first whole bunch. i'll post a few pictures of parts when it's all here
would love and value your input on a few questions

for example :
  • Frame : not sure if i should paint semi gloss or gloss black ?
  • Engine aesthetics: after a thorough cleanup , I would polish the lower covers, cam shaft covers, and keep the block either as is, or painted flat alu . I think polishing everything is 1- not stock and 2- too much time . Thoughts?

on Mechanics i have planned:
  • full engine deep cleanup and rebuild ( new gaskets, new seals) new cam chain, new piston rings
  • new clutch, new drive chain
  • new brakes complete
  • new wiring harness ( there was nothing really left on any electrics, so new everything: points, regulator, coils, ...)
  • new controls ( brake, clutch, throttle)
  • new bearings ( front, rear, fork -getting rid of the ball for tapered roller bearings)
  • new rubber mounts ( triple tree, tank,)

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