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I don't see a battery to energize your battery powered ignition circuit........:oops:o_O

It's NOT just for the electric starter on this bike.......

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I tried to start it today, but it blew-up the main fuse. This happened only when the kill switch was in ON position.

Started troubleshooting and found that ignition coils were drawing too much current. Obviously there was no spark on the coil, when I tried to start.

I connected yellow ignition to yellow coil, blue ignition to blue coil.
B/w from the bike to both the coil B/w.
B/w from bike to ignition R.

BTW- I've the tytronic electronic ignition. I've removed condenser, as I was told electronic ignition doesn't need the condenser.

Does the big hole where the coil is mounted to the bike need to be grounded?

I'm guessing somehow the coils are internally shorted.

I here's a picture of my Tytronic ignition installed.
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