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Brake Master Cylinder Snap Ring Pliers (on the cheap)

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(also posted on the sohc4 site)

The master cylinder is in the vise(with padding), the piston is pushed down with a small screwdriver(propped on top of the vise), and I could probably get the circlip out with ordinary snap ring pliers....... but........ the MAC guy quit a while back and my small pliers are short a tip. dang.

The pliers sold for this purpose are nice....... but...... I don't feel like buying one right now. The price of the pliers would pay for the master cylinder kit and a caliper seal.

This project requires a pair of cheap pliers, 2 hardened concrete nails, drill and grinder.

First attempt: used 2-1/2" nails - too long and springy - had to squeeze them together with needle-nose to get the ring out.

Second try: used 1-1/2" nails - ring comes out without further assistance.

Dug around and found a pair of old cheap pliers. Made in Japan even. Nails measured .144" . Drilled pliers through with #27 (.144") bit, then almost through with #26 . Ground ends of nails to a cylindrical shape tip. Hammered nails into pliers and ground some more from sides for clearance.

Yeehaw it works!

Happy trails.
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inneresting idea there.

I think there's some of that kind around here somewhere?? haven't used 'em in years.

drilling the pliers that I could find seemed like the quicker way to go.

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