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I’ve had this bike since spring, but I can't get a spark, and I'm not good at troubleshooting electrics. I don't want it taking up space in my garage all winter, so I’m going to give someone more capable than me a shot at getting this hard-to-find classic Honda on the road – or off-road -- again.

I was told this bike sat in a shed for 40 years. I buy and restore a lot of vintage Japanese bikes, and here is my assessment:


- Original and complete except seat is one year newer, and bike has been repainted
- 14,005
- All lights & horn work
- New battery, condenser & starter relay
- Compression seems good
- Clutch & transmission feel OK
- No evidence of tank leaks
- Gauges look decent -- not too faded/cloudy
- Seat is excellent with only one 3/8" tear
- Comes with copy of factory service manual
- Fresh oil change
- Parts are plentiful online – shares most with CB450 & CB500T
- I haven't removed/inspected the carbs, but the butterflies open and snap shut with the throttle, so
they aren’t gummed up
- Switch wires are in handlebars for uncluttered look
- Center stand for easy maintenance
- Double leading shoe front drum brake


- Does not run -- no spark
- Electric starter will need repair or replacement (bike has kickstarter, too)
- Original tires will need to be replaced
- Original chain & sprockets will need to be replaced
- New right handlebar switch/brake lever perch (comes with bike) needs to be installed
- Will need new air filters
- One fork gaiter torn
- Rusty tank -- will need acid treatment


- Paint job is so-so
- Surface rust on frame, spokes, handlebars, other locations
- Front fender has a shallow dent
- Exhaust has typical scratches/dents & rust in nooks & crannies, but no holes

Located in St. Joseph, Missouri. Clear Missouri title Also listed on EBay and Kansas City Craigslist. If you need more info or photos, let me know. May part out if I can't sell, so let me know what you need, and how much you'd pay.

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This could be my former bike! I bought it in Yokosuka Japan (U S specs) and brought it back to the U S on my ship in May of '70. I had a parking sticker on it from the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard on the left fork like the photo. It had some corrosion from having to park it at my homeport of North Island, CA, while at sea, and the salt air played hell on the plated parts. I had it shipped to my hometown in the St. Louis area in '71. I sold it in the late 70s. Could it be?

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that would be an amazing story... is that sticker really from the bremerton ship yard? looks like it says mississippi and also says '73 instead of '70.

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Sorry, but it's just a stack of old Missouri safety inspection stickers on the fork . . . Indeed, the bike is in Missouri, but 300 miles from St. Louis. Being a vet myself, a Bremerton sticker would have caught my eye! I recently bought a front fender for my XS650 on EBay from a guy in California -- it came with a sticker from March Air Force Base, one of my old haunts! Kirkwood is an old haunt, too -- I had a girlfriend from there (Kirkwood High '73) when I was in college. I bought a chopped '69 Triumph Bonneville from a guy in Kirkwood, too. Fond memories!
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