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Hi i have bought a 1981 honda super dream 8 months ago and restored it into a brat style scrambler and have loved every minute of it but i have a issue that driving me mental !!
for some reason i cannot get the left hand cylinder to run as good as the right one? although it runs ok at higher revs when on tick over the left exhaust is nearly half as powerful as the right hand side one?
here is a list of things i have done to the bike

1. changed coil
2. changed engine for a spare one i had
3. changed cdi
4. changed plugs
4. changed ht leads
5. tried different carb (helped slightly)
6. cleaned carbs
7. balanced carbs but done this myself and not 100% experienced at this yet

i have foam air filters pods on the bike and aftermarket separate exhaust and cans.

any help or advice would be really appreciated

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Your superdream exhaust includes a power chamber so exhaust gas from each cylinder exits to some extent out both mufflers. Feeling the exhaust pressure is not a particularly valid test on these bikes. A better test would be to measure the temperature of each exhaust header.
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