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I'm trying to diagnose an engine noise I'm having with my CB400T and I'm really hoping I can fix, or at least pinpoint, the issue before I have to open up the engine.

I have a question on the counterbalancer setup. I know the previous owner had the engine opened and also had a lot of issues setting up the balancer. I just took a look at the adjustment inside the clutch cover to see if it needed to be adjusted. With this cover off you can see the balancer chain inside the engine. I moved it with a screwdriver and it is extremely loose. I'm assuming this is not normal. Thinking it should be a lot tighter than this. It is so loose it seems it would even hit the engine case.

As per the manual, I then took off the two adjustment bolts and plate to basically reposition the plate. The chain is now a lot tighter, more normal.

Not sure if this is a question or confirmation, but was my procedure and thinking correct? Could this overly loose chain cause a knock?

I guess I won't know until I button everything back up and fire it up, but thought I'd ask the balancer question in the meantime.

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