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Hello everyone!

After a long business trip, I've returned to the USA. I can't say it was a home-run success, but things went especially well considering the current state of the world economy. Moldova is doing surprisingly good, and I'm toying with the idea of opening up a store in Chisinau under my own investments. Romania is about 50/50, with some customers placing orders for sportbikes and atv's, and some customers backing out and staying low. Poland, although definitely visible that they've been hit hard by this situation, is doing well and ordering quite a lot of product, but mostly only atv's and aftermarket parts/accessories. France...well, I just won't go there. I hate France, and I loathe even stopping there regardless of the city. South Africa has just paid in advance for two containers of sportbikes (about 60 pieces), and I'm confident with them as well.
Now that I'm home, I'm trying to sort through some posts, see what's going on, and how everyone is doing. Hope you're all enjoying the summer, and everybody was off to a great start. Take care, be safe, and drop me a line!
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