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That picture is from the Honda Museum at Twin Ring Motegi. I was there a few times and it is a great facility. They pretty much have one of everything Honda ever built. One of the most interesting things I saw was a little training engine. It was a small four-stroke single which could basically be disassembled on a desktop. I think they were for use in tech schools for teaching engine repair. When I was there in 98 or 99 they fired up one of the mid-sixties small displacement GP bikes. I can't remember exactly which one, I think it was either the 5cyl 125 or the RC166 250cc 6cyl. They have a little test loop out back where the techs in white jumpsuits run the bikes around for exercise. Lucky bastards! I have some pictures somewhere, prints because I didn't have a digital camera back then. I highly recommend visiting if you're ever in Japan. Or just go for a vacation- it's just a quick 14hr flight from Newark to Tokyo, then a short 3hr bus ride up to Motegi...

That 6cyl bike sounds like nothing else. I keep checking craigslist, but no luck finding one for 200 bucks so far! If you ever want to give yourself the chills just search "Honda RC166" on Youtube and turn it up.
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