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Assembly Lube

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Do you guys have any recommendations for assembly lube? Is it all basically the same?
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I use the thick red stuff, I think it's purty..........

And I'm not shy about using it, either.
ejand22 said:
I'm such a newb. What brand would the "thick red stuff" be?
Uh, I can't remember - I've used the same stuff for 40 years.
I'll have a look later and post it......
OK, took a look at the bottle of stuff I use.
Permatex Ultra Slick, got it at the auto parts store.
Never use on cylinders or rings, but feel free everywhere else.
I don't use it on transmissions either, it's extremely viscous and sticky, it can cause the tranny to be really stiff for a while, maybe not shift right - especially if it's cold (like my workspace generally is).
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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