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Anyone have two exhaust Baffles? Even rusty ones?

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Looking for two exhaust muffler baffles for a CB/72/77 Superhawk, I suppose a Dream muffler baffle would work too, can't see any reason they would be different. Any condition is fine, even rusty. Usable and mountable is all I'm looking for. What do you have?

Also, anyone have a dented up front fender for sale for a CB72/CB77 that they cant bring themselves to throw away? Just looking for a donor fender to become a bobber fender, my fender is too nice to cut!

Direct emails work the best, I don't visit everyday, Thanks!

or just call 206 725-2355
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GB... I'm fairly certain he's looking for the stock Honda baffles....These are about 10 or 12 inches long and have a "bullet nose", several sections divided by 1/2 pressed in cups, holes (of course) and a "splitter" bar (for removal/cleaning) at the back where they bolt in....I have a good mental picture, although it has been many years........Given the exact "inner bore" where they fit, I could fab up some that would be very close to stock...... Maybe Bill440 cars will photograph one (assuming that he has one) and post a pic..........These were very similar to the 4-speed 450 inserts.....
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