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I was directed to your site from Bill Lane- he found me wandering around another vintage motorcycle site and directed me here. I'm already glad he did- just reading some of the advice and tips has been worthwhile.
My first bike was a Honda CL70, way back in 1972, and here I am all these years later, still owning and riding Hondas. I'm currently restoring a 2,200 mile 1971 CL175K5 that my next door neighbor literally gave to me. After 12 years of helping him maintain it and keep it going, it's now mine. I'll be asking for some parts leads and help from the collective. I'm not kidding when I say I still like my Hondas- my every day rider is a CBR1100XX and my baby, my all time favorite, is my RC30. I feel that there's plenty of Mr.Honda's DNA in all of them. If I won the lotto, there'd be a CR110 in the stable!
I'll chime in when I feel I can offer some help from my years of Honda ownership, maintenance, and restoration experience... :mrgreen:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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