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Hi all,

My cb350 has LED flashers the PO installed which worked fine until last weekend when i tracked a short down to my flasher relay (an unbelievable PITA as there was no visible defect). Removed it and purchased a replacement. It is an aftermarket Bussman one, though doesnt seem to be specifically for LEDs as there are resistors on the flasher circuits.

When i plugged in the replacement and tested the flashers, the left side flashes very rapidly and the right side not at all. The relay also became quite hot to the touch after about 10 seconds of testing--- not sure if this is normal though? Additionally, i noticed that the flasher indicator at my gauges goes off for the left side but when i try to turn on the right side the neutral light seems to pulse very slightly instead of the flasher light. I should mention my gauge lights are also LED. I removed the relay and tomorrow will be looking for visible defects and making sure wires are plugged in correctly.

Im very inexperienced with electrical workings and was wondering if anyone here has a sense of what might be wrong or what to look for.

Thanks in advance.

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It sounds like you need to buy a proper made for LED Flasher Relay.

Then start trouble shooting from that point.
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