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Gents here's an idea that crossed my mind the other day when I read another post asking about putting an 18" spoked rear wheel on the back of a CM400.
The easy solution is to find a CB400T1 hub
(CB400T2 had Comstars)
and lace up an 18" rim wide enough for the tire you want to mount and it's a direct bolt-on.
I had one of those hubs around and I sold it to a member here but didn't think to measure it before I shipped it. Here are some photos for help identifying one:

View attachment 231033

View attachment 231049

View attachment 231057

View attachment 231065

View attachment 231073

View attachment 231081

View attachment 231089

View attachment 231097

View attachment 231105

View attachment 231113

View attachment 231121

View attachment 231129

View attachment 231137

View attachment 231145

But these hubs are getting hard to find so....

My idea is to substitute the rear drum hub from a 91-08 CB250 Nighthawk. This brake drum is 10mm narrower than the CB400T1 drum, so that will be a show stopper for some. Wheel spacers would have to be determined, but apart from that here are my notes:

91-08 CB250 Nighthawk
15mm rear axle
rear bearings #
6302.* 15x42x13
(same on both sides)

Adapt to bolt on to a CM400 with 2 replacement wheel bearings DG1742RSC3 17x42x13mm
Bore out brake carrier to 17mm (.669")
Bore center bearing spacer to 17mm
or replace with custom made spacer same length but 17mm bore.*
(I haven't had a spacer out
to measure)

17mm rear axle
Rear bearing on the Drive Side
6304z** 20x52x15
(20mm ID because spacer collar
slips into drive side bearing with a shoulder to keep it in place, a cool trick)
Rear bearing brake side
6303u** 17x47x14

CB/CM400 rear drum has the words:
Max Diameter 141mm about 5.5"
but the
CB250NH rear drum has the words:
Max Diameter 131mm about 5.125"
NH brake is 10mm smaller diameter.

The NH wheel comes
with a 16x2.5 rim

Use 9ga x 165mm spokes from ebay
to lace it up to an 18" rim with appropriate width for the rear tire you want to run.

Also worthy of consideration:
2000-2016 CMX250 Rebel can probably be adapted as well but is a different style hub with 131mm max dia drum and 15mm axle.
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