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Hey, so my 16 CB360T is running/idling just fine with kickstart, however, if I apply any additional electrical load (i.e. horn, either turn signal, high beam, electric starter) beyond headlight low-beam then the engine dies and I appear to have no electrical power at all. I cannot kickstart it in this state, the neutral light and headlight wont turn on, it just looks completely dead with the key turned on. The weird part to me is that if I leave the key on for a few minutes, the bike comes back to life, the headlight (in low-beam) just kicks in and I can kickstart again without having touched the bike since it died. The engine still starts and runs fine but I still can't apply any other electrical load.

The bike is all stock parts except Rick's Reg/Rect, the last change was replacing a higher wattage headlight bulb that was leeching too much power with the correct one.
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