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The weep is from a previous post about the left carb seeping ever so slightly.

Figure one indicates where it is. The carbs are coming off for other reasons anyway, so that gasket will get changed.

Each pic can be clicked for a larger image.

Fig 1

The screw in figure two baffles me. There is what looks like a sheet metal screw sticking out of the right carb. It is screwed into the part indicated on the spare carbs in fig 3.
There is a very slight gas drip from this screw.

Fig 2

Fig 3

Bottom top of the same carb set in fig 4. This set came as spares for the bike. My intention is to get these up and running and then swap them out with the set in there now.

Fig 4

Left rear crankcase leak, fig 5. It seems to be coming from a point parallel to the gear change pedal. It leaks a few drops of oil after running for a while. The longer it runs, it seems the more it drips. Maybe 10 drops after an hour or more of running.

Fig 5

I am leery about delving into some of these things without the proper gasket on hand.

I am interested in any opinions that others may have based on experience with some of these issues.


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Get a gasket set and start removing covers for that oil leak..

As for that screw underneath the carb, it's a hack job by a previous owner. :shock:

GB :mrgreen:
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