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That sure is nice.

I started my road racing on a Z2 back in '79 that looking strikingly similar except for the high dollar brakes, carbs and swingarm and shocks. :D I'll bet it really 'Barks' with that pipe you have installed.

Do you race it in vintage or classic events now?

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This isn't my bike. Sorry if I led you to believe it is.
It is however, much inspiration for my '74 Z1A I am rebuilding (not restoring).
The bike resides and races in Japan. There are many more pics and a good story
behind it but it is locked away in my other computer which I cannot find the restore disks for.
I also belong to, which is now in its second version. I have asked for a link for the
original story from the old forum. I should be able to post it here in a day or two.
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