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While this isn't a common problem, I know others have been bothered, as I have, by the choke turning on while riding slowing/stalling the engine. I think I do it with my leg somehow, though I can't intentionally. After trying bending the catch spring and filing the detention without effect, I figured out a way to lock the choke open easily. I cut a 3/16" piece of 1/4" id vinyl aquarium tubing. Same size rubber tubing would work too. I slipped it on the stop end of choke lever. On starting, tube is slipped down off stop post and then back on to run. Pic worth a 1000 words:
Auto part Fuel line Carburetor Engine Automotive engine part

Auto part Engine Fuel line Carburetor Automotive engine part

Just tested it on a 60 mile ride, worked like champ.
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