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A Californian In Canada with a 1980 CB400T

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Hi all! Glad to say I am a member of the Honda twin family. This forum was super helpful when trying to work out if I should pick up this bike or not.
This is my first bike. It's a 1980 CB400T with
3600 km on the odometer(!). Third (post-rebirth) owner. Guy I bought it from got it from the restorer. I guess it was a barn find. Restored in 2018, new rubber/tank/filters from then.

I had some trepidation about buying an old bike as a first bike, but the when I added up the pluses of cheap insurance (college student), cheap registration (vintage plates are the only ones that are even close to affordable. Thanks, Quebec! /s), comfort/"good first bike" qualities, cool factor, and recent restoration, I decided to go for it.

Plus, my CMSP bike was a Nighthawk, the current neighbo(u)r has a CBF1000F, and my father has long been a Honda evangelist (anyone have a VFR they want to give away to a nice man?). So, the Hawk it is.

Thanks all! Lovely little corner of the web you have carved out here.

Here's the bike in the rain. GF and I are working on coming up with a fitting name.
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