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Hey all,

I have a 1980 CM400T I was trying to replace my rear brake shoes. Using EBC catalog I found part #313 was the magic part. After I got my wheel off the new shoes are clearly smaller than the ones on my bike. The radius is smaller and there was no way they are fitting.

I am thinking that somebody swapped the rear wheel before it came into my possession (1 year ago). I was hoping someone could help me sort out what shoe will fit my rim. The rim on my bike is a Comstar MT17x2.5 and the current shoes have a part number ASK A7-GG (I wasn't able to find any replacement or equivalent part googling this).

I know pictures may help and will get some up shortly. Perusing the web the current shoes look similar to the cb650 or 750 from this era, with the holes at the bottom (EBC part #320/321?). Hopefully a brake guru can help.

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