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Hello everyone, first time posting...

long story short I picked up a neglected 1978 cb400T last weekend and have spent my free time this week trying to figure out what it needs to get it running. I first checked for spark (get the hardest stuff out of the way first right?) well no spark. Ill walk you through what I have done and welcome any input.
-replaced the plugs with new ones
-unhooked white-lined black wire from CDI ( rule out kill/ ignition switch issues)
-resistance test coil: yellow-green 0.7Ω
-resistance testing on the stator: (manual specs) [my tested value]
Green-White (400~500Ω) [463Ω]
Blue-White (75~130Ω) [85Ω]
Green-Brown (75~130Ω) [89Ω]
Green-LtBlue (75~130Ω) [113Ω]
Green-Pink (120~180Ω) [138Ω]
Brown-LtBlue (207Ωish) [202Ω]
so the resistance tests on the coil and stator seemed promising but i read that it is possible to have a faulty stator with good test values so I did some dynamic voltage testing as well.
Mainly i wanted to make sure the CDI was receiving electricity from the exciter coil as well as a signal from the "pulser." I hooked an electric drill to the crankshaft to spin the motor while checking the voltage:
White-Green 40v AC
Blue-Green 55v AC
Pink-Green 1-2v AC
so my CDI is receiving power from my stator as well as a signal from the pulser/pickup coil....Correct?

At this point does it seem like the CDI is the culprit for the no spark or am i missing/ overlooking some other things to check first?
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