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Hi there I'm Ian. I've had this bike for 2 almost 3 years now. Ran like crap when I got it, then stopped running altogether and now is alive and well!

I'm in Rindge NH not sure what I should be selling it for but I'm gona start at $1,000
I'm looking to get a bigger bike that gets better gas milage than my car, rode it around this weekend and to work every day this week and just can get more then 30-40mpg same as my Jetta! :lol: So Trades are welcome.

1977 Honda CJ360 T
Has 8,900 miles on it as of 6/2/2010

I've replaced the coils ( that's what finally got it running good), repainted the side covers (not the best job but saved the original decals), new plugs, new front tire and tube,new front brake cable, new fork seals.
The dent is from the guy I got it from said he dropped the battery on the tank, I picked up a replacement tank but it's all rusty and I don't know how to deal with that.
I also have spare set of carbs and the old coils ( i think it was only the right one that was bad), and new clutch cable, and shoes for the front and rear brakes.

The day I got it

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