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'76 cb360 Tappet Confusion

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I'll do my best to keep this short, but no promises. My brother picked up this 360 a couple years ago. It was not running when he got it and we knew nothing about it. It did come with a Clymer manual. I cleaned the carbs, twice, and did some of the other tune ups out of the Clymer manual, but I was stupid and impatient and skipped some of the more important things. We got the bike running once, but it was only running on the right cylinder, and only with the choke on. We kinda jumped into it without any knowledge of bikes and shortly thereafter, my brother lost interest. Now the bike is basically in my hands. After reading tons about these bikes, I know a tiny bit more about them so I'm pretty much just trying to start over from scratch.

I checked the compression today. Right cylinder was at 150 psi, left was at 145 psi, everything good there. Then I went to valve adjustment and ran into a problem. I followed the Clymer manual which states turning the alternator until the intake valve opens completely and then starts to close, then continue turning until the LT mark lines up with the index mark. "Note that both valves for the left cylinder are fully closed at this point."....... They're not.

When my brother and I worked on this bike, I did pretty much all of the mechanical stuff except for one part that I wasn't around for. The head gasket was leaking, and since he had a gasket for it, he decided to put it on. I honestly don't know what the top end of that motor looks like, but I'm thinking the cam was not oriented correctly when he put it back together. Any thoughts on this? What else could it be?

Also, if this problem gets worked out and I can actually adjust the valves, where exactly do you put the feeler gauge? The Clymer manual says insert a .002 inch feeler gauge between the tappet adjuster screw and valve stem but I just don't get it. Am I having trouble with this because of the above mentioned problem?

If there's any more information needed, let me know, I'll see what I can find. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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nice thing about them is the replacable coil wires and the condensers will work also
could be weak coil or plug wire/cap, switch coils side to side to see if problem moves, this will eliminate coils as a possiblity
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