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so my 76 cb500T was running just fine about a week ago before i took the front end apart to polish various bits and add tapered steering bearings. now with everything back together the main fuse blows every time i turn the ignition to "on", regardless of what position the kill switch is at. i don't have turn signals, and i've tried this with the head/tail lights connected as well as disconnected with equal results.

i've gone over the connections i messed with since it last ran, though i can't claim i know exactly what i should focus on. can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Most of the "hot when key is on" wires on Hondas are black... It is likely you have one pinched to or otherwise grounded..... Easy to do when the turn signal grounds are also primarily black......I'd try the signal wires first... IF it fries when you turn the key, there IS a dead short to ground somewhere.... Steve
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